Richard Garvey Intermediate

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BS in Biology, UCLA
MA in Educational Multimedia, Cal Poly Pomona
Position Held: 7th Grade Science
Year Began Work in Garvey: 2006

Welcome to our classroom webpage! Below you will find snippets of our class syllabus to help prepare you for our class.  Online, we will primarily be working with Google Classroom, so please enroll yourself in the proper class using the links below.  Thanks so much, and I look forward to having a great school year with you!

School Supplies:
You are expected to bring the following supplies to class everyday:

-Composition book (the “black and white” covered ones, preferably 100 sheets & college ruled)

-Pens and pencils

-School agenda


-Post-It Notes (at least 3” x 3”)

             -Glue bottle/stick and colored pencils/markers should be available at home.

Grading Policy:

    You will be graded based on two main categories:

  • Taking advantage of Learning Opportunities (such as using your science notebook for note-taking, classwork, homework, participation, etc.)
  • Your Performance ability (your success in tests/quizzes, projects, lab reports, etc.) Your performance ability will be taken into heaviest consideration when determining your grade.


    The following scale will be used to determine your grade:

        4= goes beyond what was taught ≅  (A to A+)

        3= strong knowledge of what was taught ≅ (B+ to A-)

        2= grasps simpler concepts but may have errors/omissions on more complex topics ≅ (B to C)

        1= partial understanding of simpler topics ≅ (D)

        0= even with help, no success ≅ (F)




Absence Policy:

    It is your responsibility to find out about the learming opportunities and/or performance assessments that you missed while you were absent.   You can figure out what was assigned by asking a friend, checking Google Classroom, emailing me, or by asking me before/after school.