Richard Garvey Intermediate

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Grading Policy

You will earn grades on different kinds of assignments including, tests, quizzes, lab reports, presentations, group projects, class participation, and a science project. Updated grades will be posted using the code name you selected on your profile card. I shall update them at least twice every week. Scores will be recorded into my computer, and then all papers will be placed in your folder in the back of the room.

You May Look Up Your Grades by Clicking Here

Grading Scale
90-100: A
80-89: B
70-79: C
60-69: D
59-: F 

I do not give pluses or minuses. However, if your score is over 100% due to extra credit and furthermore, you complete a special assignment by the end of the quarter, you will earn an A+ for that quarter.
Academic Grades are weighted as follows:
Homework: 25%
Tests and Quizzes: 25%
Science Notebook and Classwork: 25%
Projects: 25%

Your citizenship grade is based upon the number of times you break the rules after the first warning (see below).


O: 0-3 Violations 
S: 4-6 Violations 
N: 7-10 Violations 
U: 11+ Violations


• All assignments are due to be passed in at the beginning of the period.

• All written work must be done in pencil, pen, or typed.

• You must write the correct heading with the following information on every assignment as follows:

Name (First and Last)

I need this information so that I can give you proper credit for your work. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in a 20% lowered grade (if I can figure out that it is your work.)

• Late work will be made up on the day it was due. If you are absent, you have an amount of time equal to your absence to make up the work (e.g. if you are out Monday and return Tuesday, the work is due by Wednesday.) If you cannot make it to class for any reason, it is YOUR responsibility to contact one of your “Contact Buddies” or refer to the homework page on this site to get the assignment. If for some reason you cannot do that, you can always call me instead.

• Homework will be assigned every class day except Friday. Homework assignments are usually worth ten points. (Total homework grade is 25%)

• You will bring and maintain a “Science Notebook” every day. The Notebook will be collected and graded every two to three weeks. (Notebook checks are worth 25% of your grade.)

• On Friday, you will have a ten question quiz worth twenty points. You have ten minutes to complete the quiz.
• Tests (worth 100 points) will be given at the end of each unit. Tests will be announced well in advance. Obviously, you don’t have quizzes on days that you have tests. Tests will last all period.

• You may submit a “Metacog” sheet for every test or quiz returned to you. Every wrong answer “Metacogged” will give you a bonus half-credit on that test or quiz.

• If you have already submitted a “Metacog” sheet or have met with me privately to study the test, you may also take a make-up exam.

• You will complete a science project for the 2nd quarter.

• If you cheat, you will receive a zero on that assignment along with detention and a call to parents.